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17 May 2013

I've been mooching around the World (wide web) since the year 2000. Often found to be expressing my opinions, or just generally winding people up, in the very early days of social networks.

Places you may have seen me on, include; aol chat, mopilot, prodigits, wapocalypse, duncanwap, txt3, chattywap, mywap.

After having plenty of my rants removed due to draconian-like admin/mods on a couple of these sites, I created HatredFun.

HatredFun started out on genie/mywap. The O2 mywap network also employed draconian measures, where I often found my site suspended.
Undetered, after a couple of years, I moved onto the wen.ru domain, and also my own domain. Now I have escaped from power tripping admins/mods, my words are no longer censored by a third party.

More information will eventually populate this page.