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Oklahoma, Does it Blend?

01 June 2013
by Zigzagtoes

Only two weeks ago it was flattened, now again it's about to get blended.

In the absolute weirdness of thought, I've found the source of the problem in that part of the world. An alien scientist on Galactic TV, was asked by viewers of the Alpha Centauri solar system,

'Does Oklahoma, (US, Earth, Sol), blend?'.


So not to disappoint, that scientist warped to Sol. Plugging a super long extension into the sun, at the other end of the extension cord while hovering above Oklahoma, he whipped out his trusted Helium branded blender, and plugged it in. The experiment was streamed live.

Now as we know, most scientists like to have their experiments peer reviewed. This, should the experiment be repeated successfully, would earn the scientist some credentials, and a huge Bunsen burner shaped sponge cake.
Unfortunately for the residents of Earth, more specifically Oklahoma, the peer reviewing the papers brings along his blender too.

To humans, they know that the answer is, 'Yes! Every city, and town, on our planet blends'. Sadly, these mad alien scientists are many in numbers, so a blender being unleashed on Earth will happen often, all in the name of stupid TV science.

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