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Mars One, Earth One - Part One (of Two)

13 May 2013
by Zigzagtoes

A project to get a permanent human settlement on Mars is underway, with thousands of applicants hoping to be the chosen few, to never step foot back on Earth.


I've read plenty about why these people are foolish, to even consider emigrating to a new planet. Humans are conquerors, explorers, inquisitive, amongst other traits. From the day we take our first steps, we try to access areas restricted by parents.

As soon as we are introduced to the outdoors unsupervised, we venture further, and further as each day comes. We see it, as a child, akin to an adventure.

Our exploration time diminishes as we advance in years, due to distractions, complacency, or both.

Mars One - A Stunt?

If it is indeed a stunt, it could well be a genius one. The money involved is only 6 billion, in comparison; NASA spends hundreds of billions on its Mars missions.

So to consider the possible use for a 6 billion budget, here's how I would use the funds;

Rent a very isolated piece of land, land that has little (if any), rain. The land must be large enough so that no 'Mars' explorer can reach the boundaries within a few hours. There must be a no fly zone. The boundaries could even be Truman Show like scenery, walls with pictures of a Mars horizon.

Humans can be manipulated easily. Tell someone often enough the sky is red, they would eventually believe it to be so. Brain conditioning works. Just look at the education system, infants in America are conditioned to be fearful, infants everywhere are conditioned by their governments.

Using the conditioning, over a period of 8 years of 'training', a lot can be force fed to be reality.

The journey will be spent in 'stasis', or so the Mars One crew will be led to believe. Before take off from Earth, the volunteers will be injected for their 'protection'. The injection will be a sedation. Do a few of these so they're under for a few days. They will be tube fed while under sedation.

After a few days of facial hair growth, dump them on set (the rented land), in a replica cockpit of a space shuttle, a few metres from the 'Mars' colony.

From here on, all their actions can be manipulated further, to create a live entertaining TV show.

The only question from this scenario, would the viewers be tricked, into thinking they're really on Mars, too?

On a side note, if you think the above would have serious legal implications, then consider this; the governments have not stepped in yet, even though the volunteers are wavering their right to life, by accepting that they could die en route to Mars, or on Mars its self.

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