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FAO Activision - Dedicated Servers You Cheap Bastids

28 April 2013
by Zigzagtoes

Seriously, you make a crapload of cash from us gamers, so stop being a cheap ass.

dedicated servers meme
dedicated servers meme

Now before you even consider it a good idea, 'because we can kill the server after a year or two, just like EA does to force the newer edition on them minions'.

Don't bother with that attitude, which stinks just as bad as no dedicated servers.

Why not make us happy, with possibly the last game of the franchise in its current form (online numbers are a good indicator of the dying state of COD compared to its peak), by giving us not only dedicated servers, but also a failsafe back to P2P should the servers be overloaded (guaranteed at launch), or unavailable due to either maintenance, or because you've decided to be cheap again by pulling the plug.

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