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Military Causes War, Not Religion

17 April 2013
by Zigzagtoes

Modern warfare is all about greed. I don't know of a single war, in my lifetime, that has religion as the obvious cause.

Iran and Israel are constantly happy slapping each other lately, over land ownership, not religion. Wars in the Middle East are over resources (oil and opium). The tension in the Asia's is mostly over land ownership too, with the resources they bring lobbed in there as a bonus.

So the way it seems to work, is to have a need for something, followed by consulting the military advisor;
Yo! We need more oil, I hear there's some in Tuvalu, are we hard enough?
Of course Mr President, for we are the World Police, Fuck Yeah!

Then we have the bored military advisors;
Boss dude, our killers are suicidal, we need to get them into action for target practice, before they end up mooching around killing innocents!
Ok, who do you suggest to invade?
It must be a behind the times country so we look massively superior, Kims' Korea?
Go ahead, have a blast!

Once the target is identified, you 'leak' some bullcrap to the press, or more blatantly, order your mouthpiece (the government 'sponsored' news channel) to tell us all;
Kim just threatened to unleash his dancing talents to the world; we must not stand for this, war maybe imminent. Them pricks (the media), help to brainwash those minions amongst us, to support military action.

Fuck off you power obsessed fucktards; the average human doesn't want war. Or a paranoid government for that matter, of which most are. Protect us from alien invasions; we pay for protection, not for fucking destruction!

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