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Have EA Started a Video Game Crash?

21 March 2013
by Zigzagtoes

If you haven't heard about the total mess-up EA presented earlier in the month, then you are either just not interested, or been hiding under a mouldy talking rock.

Sim City, the once brilliant game series, was launched to a mass of uproar. Customers weren't happy. Not even a wry smile emerged.

The problems, I'm sure you already are aware of; small city boundaries, very few transport options, conga dancing buses, always online needed, to name just a few.

The PR tripe was that always online is required for the game to work. That backfired, as proven by UKAzzer examining the source code. Then when it was discovered you could do things, that EA was deliberately preventing the player from doing (bigger cities, highway editing to name two), it became apparent to most, that this premium priced product was going to bring DLC or micro transactions.

This is just an assumption, yet with EA's track record of savaging the rear regions of the gamer, until the brown toxic waste was forced through the gamers' mouth; the following could, and still may, be likely;

Bigger cities, £ 10 DLC
More mass transit options, £ 10 DLC
Highway editor, £ 10 DLC
A statue of the Golden Poo, like that EA is likely to win this year, £ 100
To have Justin Baby as a resident in your city, £ 1000
Terrain editor, £ 50 DLC
To make a building Earthquake-proof, £ 1 per building

You get the idea.

Then there's Dead Space. EA have killed it, all because no one wanted to play a game, which costs £5 for every bullet fired.

They have a plan to entertain you, with even more bargain micro transactions...

Need For Speed - £ 1 per mile
Crysis - £ 1 per minute
FIFA/NFL/NBA - £ 1 per substitute

All games will have fantastic free features!

Free cut scenes
Free disc storage box
Free drinks coaster

The turn of the market has begun, with aggressive ignorance, on the part of the fat tw*ts need for greed.

Full priced games should be about a finished product, with add-ons that add value. Map packs are great in extending a games life for a nominal fee. We all know though, that even map packs are now sold yearly for the full price of a game, with 'mini-map packs' sold through the year at the once normal map pack price. There was even a time when map packs were free. Sports games are sold yearly with just an updated database of who plays where and for whom. You are paying, effectively, for minor annual updates.

Camouflages are something to personalise an in-game item, a gun maybe. People buy this stuff? Why? All it says to some of us is; that you were successfully anus probed. You buying this cheap in-game tat are encouraging the fat c*nts at the top, to charge for other pointless in-game crap. STOP IT!

Then again, thinking in the longer term, micro transactions in triple A titles might die quicker than first perceived.

The new generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, are both strongly indicating that they will kill the second-hand market. Sony has even come out and pretty much admitted to Gamespot, 'It's up to the game developers. We're not talking about it. Sorry.' when questioned if the PS4 will prevent games from being sold on.

So, with the biggest third party publisher being a tw*t again, and the new consoles possibility of killing the second-hand market, we could be looking at a very possible video game crash.

A Few months after the crash, a company with a blue mascot, will emerge with the ultimate console, whilst wearing a huge smirk, uttering the words, 'We were waiting for you all to f*** it up.'.

That new ultimate console? The SEGA MegaDream.

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