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11 March 2013
by Zigzagtoes

Last time a voice popped into a dream of mine, it told me;
Wake up! You're wasting a day of enjoyment, and don't forget to punch the preaching twat banging at the door, to start that enjoyable day.
That voice was mine.

Now here's a thought;

A God, brings/provides/influences love.
A Devil, brings/provides/influences hate.

Now looking at the crap I see spouted from the so called 'saved ones', they seem overly delusional, in their attempt to enforce their utter bullshit thoughts unto the masses...

I, see a devil.
Yeah, that comes across as evil too. Like I give one, brown, sewage log. The only thing I care about is the wellbeing of this solar system, and the life forms within. I couldn't care a bit on the thoughts of a brainwashed fellow humanoid.

Opinions. They're fucking epic from all sides of an argumentative converse. It's entertaining though.

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