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You're An Idiot

13 March 2013
by Zigzagtoes

Journalists congratulating Curtis Woodhouse, for tracking down a Twitter 'troll', are you fucking retarded?

You're pretty much saying to the public, 'It's okay to go beat that person up, that expressed their opinion of you as being 'Shit''.

One local paper columnist even went as low as being offensive towards the perpetrator, by insinuating, and I quote;

'...probably while sitting in front of his computer wishing he had a girlfriend.'

Reference here.

How personal is that?

Would it now be okay for Jimmy to come along to your doorstep? You thought it okay for Curtis, so it must be okay for Jimmy too?

What if the 'troll' was a child exercising their right of free speech, to insult someone's skill? Curtis tracked his 'troll' down with your backing, so is it okay for a possible sociopath with low self esteem, to turn up at that childs door? Or anyone's door for that matter?

Suzanne Moore at the Guardian; 'No one is advocating violence. But I would like the relentless stream of online abuse to stop.'

Really, you're not advocating violence? Yet you are full of praise for Curtis' form of crime bidding, and worse, intimidating, stalking-like, behaviour.
You do know, that offering money for information that can help to solicit a crime, is illegal?

Whatever happened to ignoring and laughing off insults? Life's too short to get angry over petty insults and opinions that offend.

Although, this should be a warning to others, that get kicks from online entertainment.
Be careful who you annoy, they might tweet to the world, a countdown of how long before they come to get you.
On the plus, this ego tweeting can also be used to give you an idea, of how long you have left to set up painful booby traps for the incoming psychopath.

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