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Article Images

14 March 2013
by Zigzagtoes

A few people have once again mentioned that the site is lacking eye candy in the articles. Don't fear, actually, you might want to.

The good news, they're coming.

The bad news...

With pathetic copyright and fair usage laws, I can't be arsed to check if freely available online images, can be used legally.
So, you will get the (dis)satisfaction of letting your eyes cry with hysterics, at my own drawn images.

I'm totally lacking in computer skills when it comes to art. So armed with my trusty Galaxy S3 and an app or two, I will express my artistical genious, using nothing more than my finger tip.

To give you an idea on how great my artistic talent isn't, here's a sample...

a pathetic drawing

Yes, I know, it's brilliant isn't it?
Can you see what it's meant to be? The Thundercats emblem. It went, just a little wrong.

Now to side step, in the hope this will distract from that awful, sick inducing image.
I've had a pointer, to make the article titles clickable on the main page. Consider it done. If it isn't yet, thats likely because I've forgotten.. or just haven't got round to it yet. They definately will be clickable from the next article onwards.

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