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Has EA Started a Video Game Crash?

21 March 2013

If you haven't heard about the total balls-up EA presented earlier in the month, then you are either just not interested, or been... (read more)

Article Images

14 March 2013

A few people have once again mentioned that the site is lacking eye candy in the articles. Don't fear, actually, you might want to... (read more)

You're an Idiot

13 March 2013

Journalists congratulating Curtis Woodhouse, for tracking down a Twitter 'troll', are you f*cking retarded?

You're pretty much saying to.... (read more)


11 March 2013

Last time a voice popped into a dream of mine, it told me;

Wake up! You're wasting a day of enjoyment, and don't forget to punch the.... (read more)

December 2012 True Facts in Fiction

21 December 2012

Here it is folks. This is how from this day, December 21, 2012, will be remembered. The resurrection will be born from this event...

The Almighty right hand of God, slowly rises up, followed swiftly by the middle finger.... (read more)