Fao Activision, Dedicated Servers

28 April 2013

Seriously, you make a crapload of cash from us gamers, so stop being a cheap ass... (read more)

Military Causes War, Not Religion

17 April 2013

Modern warfare is all about greed. I don't know of a single war, in my lifetime, that has religion as the obvious cause.

Iran and Israel are constantly happy slapping each other... (read more)

New Addition to the Network

31 March 2013

Another site just launched within the HatredFun Network, Stoners Extracts, has random views from a mellowed out fellow human. You may visit it here (extracts.hatredfun.com)

Has EA Started a Video Game Crash?

21 March 2013

If you haven't heard about the total balls-up EA presented earlier in the month, then you are either just not interested, or been... (read more)

Article Images

14 March 2013

A few people have once again mentioned that the site is lacking eye candy in the articles. Don't fear, actually, you might want to... (read more)

You're an Idiot

13 March 2013

Journalists congratulating Curtis Woodhouse, for tracking down a Twitter 'troll', are you f*cking retarded?

You're pretty much saying to.... (read more)


11 March 2013

Last time a voice popped into a dream of mine, it told me;

Wake up! You're wasting a day of enjoyment, and don't forget to punch the.... (read more)

December 2012 True Facts in Fiction

25 February 2013

Here it is folks. This is how from this day, December 21, 2012, will be remembered. The resurrection will be born from this event...

The Almighty right hand of God, slowly rises up, followed swiftly by the middle finger.... (read more)

There's Life At Last

25 February 2013

The last piece I wrote was back in December 2012. On THAT date, you know, the date we all supposedly died. That is now available to read, an astonishing two months later. To be totally honest, that piece was wrote as a content place-holder for the test pages. Not much left to do on this part of HatredFun, meaning more written pieces will soon be flowing on a regular basis.

HatredFun Nearly Back, Really

24 February 2013

Erm, oops. Forgot to prepare site graphics and disk structure. Time spent mostly on that yester. The only thing not working, is the about navigation. Rest of site is active, though of little interest, unless you just like to see how things are coming along.

Once again, I recommend you return tomorrow, when the whole of www.hatredfun.com will be complete and ready for action. Thanks for stopping by.

HatredFun Nearly Back

23 February 2013

Yes Yes, just abouts finished. I'd return tomorrow if I were you. There's still half a dozen pages to complete so you will get 404 errors.

The navigation above is also incomplete, so don't click anything up there.

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